Wood Elf




37 (Deceased)


5" 9'



Soul Sword



Captain Ren


From a young age Ren's home Falthor (A small village that sat on the east coast of Chorrun.) was constantly raided by pirates from Delsden, until it fell completely to the Dwarves. The captain of the Dwarven squad that took over the village let him live because he was still very young. After this Ren escaped his fate by sneaking onto a pirate ship known as Calamity that was said to be cursed. He waited quietly for weeks scrounging up scraps in secret until they docked at a Delsden port city called Forgarath. Most of the ship's crew headed inland and left it in the hands of only a few guards. Ren killed these men quietly and efficiently, then using what he learned from watching the pirates operate he set sail into the wind.

Life At SeaEdit

He spent only a short time on the ocean before running upon an ocean island, with only Humans inhabiting the area. Despite his previous thoughts of the humans that he formed based on stories told to him by his parents. He found these ones to kind at heart and they took him in for a couple years. After this time he built up a bond with some of the others and set out again to sea as a bounty hunter crew.

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