Magic in its purest form is more like a liquid that is stored in the body of a living creature. When certain actions are performed the host of the magic can pull it from their bodies and the bodies of others, as well as plants, and use it in a physical form. These range from destroying people, to healing them, and even bringing the dead back to life.


Elves discovered magic around the year 1500, and were fully aware of its capabilities from the early stages of its discovery. Through many years the Elves refined the study of magic and classified it into separate categories known as elements. These elements are Destructive, Restorative, Illusion, and Dark. Each being has one of these elements of magic and can utilize abilities that those elements permit.

Through the years many different spells were created by magic users and passed on to the next generation, this process is creating more and more deadly magicians that have become a massive problem for most of the world. The abuse of magic power for personal gain is as common as breathing throughout Gammerdor. This influx in the use of magic is having its toll on the land as well. Those who cannot utilize their won power have turned to the help or Koromite stones.

These Koromite users are primarily weaker than the average magician, however the process in how the stones are used causes an appalling amount of distress to the land. When used the Koromite pulls the magic stored in the earth around it into the center of the stone, which is then channeled through the users body and they are able to manipulate the magic energy. When the magic is removed from something it never returns and soon the host that the magic was stolen from dies.

This ability was used in a large scale by the Dwarves (who invented Koromite) during the War of Depravity against the native magic users the Elves. Much irreversible damage was done to the Elven homeland during this war. This soon led to more conflicts between the Orcs and the Elves as they searched for land.

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