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Lanius is the current High King of the humans and was the major victor of the Delsden Civil War. He is seen as corrupted by a lot of his followers, and despite their efforts to remove him he remains as the High King with plenty of other willing to die for him.


Originally Lanius was the king of Ha'arthmal, a powerful, and large kingdom that encompassed most of the northern half of Delsden. He obtained his place as king through standard practice of his people, simply by beating the king in a game of combat and wits. His army was the most fierce in all of the eight holds, and it was apparent that he would win the Delsden Civil War from an early standpoint after he took over Raven Rock.

He took the throne as High King in the year 25,098 and ruled with a strong grasp of his people until recent years when the Lanius Rebellion began.

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