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Captain Koro


Koro, known as Captain Koro to many; is the fierce and deadly pirate captain of the ship Calamity. He commands about 50 men on his ship, all who have fought for their place and lives many times. He himself is one of the greatest warriors throughout the seas, and has been regarded as the "Embodiment of Death on The Waters" by many who have been under his siege.

Calamity and His CrewEdit

Koro sails the massive oceans and seas of Gammerdor with his crew on his boat Calamity. Not one ship has bested them in combat or speed. If he boards a ship it has been said that no one will survive, and that his goals during the raid were deeper than plundering loot or food. 

Koro was not the first owner of Calamity, it was originally under the control of another group of pirates that lost it to Ren who at the time was still a child. After a few years of sailing the seas Ren encountered Koro on the seas. To his misfortune Koro was in bad shape and needed a new ship. His crew took over and decimated the group of bounty hunters and took Calamity for themselves.

Encounters With TheodusEdit

During the discovery of The Soul Swords Koro spent time ferrying around Theodus. The crew was not ever pleased by his presence however out of respect for their beloved captain; they would never complain or start anything with him publicly. Koro liked Theodus for his determination and brute strength. They once battled in their earlier years before The Captain even owned a ship, with a close loss on Theodus' part; however he did emerge victorious.

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