Gammerdor is a land with a near twenty-five-thousand year history. Their are many stories that have been locked away, recorded by the mountains and oaceans that span the earth. The lands remain under strain from the ways of the Dwarves, that caused conflicts and spawned The Age of War; that has been creating wars since the humans were discovered along with Delsden by the Elves in 20,459.


Gammerdor consists of four main land masses: Delsden (Humans) the southern landmass, Sulmor (Dwarves) the western landmass, Chorrun (Elves) the northern continent, and Garneth (Orcs) which is the largest of the continents. Along with the three major continents there are many signifigantly sized islands dotted amongst thier outskirts.


Home of the Orcs the oldest known race of humanoids. The land is known for its massive spanning deserts that cover about 50% of the land, the rest of which is plains and rolling hills. These conditions are met mainly from the sheer ammount of work that has been done to the land in the twenty thousand years since the Orcs began roving the continent. All the land that is not owned by the Orcs was contested by the Humans or Dwarves in the past few hundred years, and still remains in conflict for control.

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