Elves are a species of humanoids that tend to be tall and slender with long pointed ears. Their are several types of Elves, but the most common is the Wood-elf. They are also the second species known to exist, following a mere 1000 years after the Orcs. They originated from the continent Chorrun.


There are three Races of Elves, Wood-Elf, Snow-Elf, and Dusk-Elf. Each was originally from the same ancestors, and all agree on the same religious beliefs, but have adapted differently over the years to their environments.


Wood Elves are the most closely related to the original Elves that originated from the northern half of Chorrun. In terms of appearance these Elves look almost exactly like their ancestors. Tall, slim build, and sharp eyed. Their average life span is 400-800 years long (Very few have ever lived to be over 1000 years old.) the longest of any of the species that inhabit Gammerdor.


Snow Elves tend to be a bit shorter than the other races, and inhabit the southern mountains of Chorrun.


Known as Cave Dwellers by the other races Dusk Elves come from a small group of Elves that took to living in caves. Because of all the time spent underground away from the sun this race has adopted a darker skin color than the others.

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