All the races of Gammerdor have adapted their own religions and various beliefs. However the only one that holds real truth, and has proof of its validity is the Elves. They believe that the world was created by three gods, Ba'al, Beag, and Clotho. Together the gods constructed the earth and sea, formed its creatures, and finally made it cycle with death.

The GodsEdit



Clotho was the second of the gods to work on the planet, she made the flora and fauna that filled the earth. During the course of the years she introduced new humanoid species at different times. The first were the Orcs followed by the Elves about a thousand years later. Near the year five-thousand the Dwarves sprang to life. It was fifteen-thousand years later that the Humans were created to try and bring peace amongst the other warring species.


The god of death, Ba'al was the third and final god to come into play. He took the life that Clotho made and created a cycle that circles the life energy from one being to the earth and back to the newly born. He is often seen as evil in the eyes of the Humans, and even referred to as the God of War by some.

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