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Elsie is one of the main characters in TSS:LB.. She is usually with Amethyst because she is like her adopted mother.


Elsie much like Theodus had a hard life and a rough upbringing. At a young age she witnessed her mother Nena get slaughtered by thugs that had also killed her father. Homeless and with no one to return to she decided to join up with Theodus and his companions to see the rest of the world in exchange for her unique healing magic abilities.


Elsie is one of the very few Humans that can utilize their own magic power without the use of Koromite. Beyond that she also has the Restorative Element within her magic which was thought to have vanished nearly 10,000 years before her birth. With this magic she is able to heal wounds and treat illnesses that were otherwise untreatable, and often led to death. It's unknown even to her who she inherited these abilities from.

Adventure With TheodusEdit

Theodus with his companions Kroen and Glandias traveled to the city Raven Rock on their way to Nolthia. They halted in the city for a few days, during this time Theodus came upon Amethyst and Elsie. Elsie was able to heal any disease and mend any wound, this power was invaluable to him. Theodus gave them a chance to see the world in exchange for their power, he could also offer them protection from the thugs of Raven Rock while they were there.

With nothing but bad memories and a death sentence left in Raven Rock Elsie decided to travel with them. She was unaware of what exactly Theodus hunted for, but knew it had something to do with the Elven Religion. She knew close to nothing on the matter so decided, at least early on not to bother asking about it. As their adventure longed on though, curiosity got the best of her.

During her time with Theodus she began to slowly drift away from Amethyst, and was inspired to fulfill her dreams of saving lives. This inspiration was from Theodus' burning desire to carry out his dream of revenge. That's how Elsie was though she could always see the positives in any situation. Through the years she began to change the way Theodus saw things, but it took her death for him to finally realize that he was surrounded by friends.


Theodus is injured to a point of near death after a fight with Aiden that he looses. She hurries to help him recover by using massive amounts of her magic energy and pumping it into his body. The process causes her to become weak and it begins to show. Amethyst tries to stop her, but she refuses and continues anyway saying, "This is it...My purpose in life has been laid out for me, and I intend to fill that role!". Soon there after she exhausts the rest of her energy, and collapses atop Theodus who then regains conscience.

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