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Aiden, Orthad


Aiden was born in a town to the north of Raven Rock called Deasture. He lived a semi-normal life amongst his family until the Siege of Deasture during the Delsden Civil War killed all of his close relatives. This sparked an anger inside him that grew into a hunger for power to take out revenge on the king of Balthiem.

Time With TheodusEdit

Aiden was an acquaintance of Theodus eight years before he came into possession of Beag, under Orthad's command. He traveled with him for about half a year when Theodus was on his way to Chorrun. During this time he learned about the Elven Religion and The Soul Swords. This stirred his hunger for power and led him down a path of evil.

The Soul Swords: Legend of Ba'alEdit

Adien is one of the main antagonists for Theodus in this story. Not much of his past is revealed, but it is known he has his own reasons for wanting control of The Soul Swords power, and that his reasons are similar to Theodus'.


Returning to Orthad following his triumph of Theodus, Aiden flaunted his victory to him. He assured him of his death, and informed him that Ba'al wouldn't be able to be held by another. Orthad reminded him that he was the one to explain the workings of the swords to him, and then proceeded to approach Aiden. Then while holding a piece of refined koromite Orthad sucked out the magic energy that fueled his life, much like Elsie gave her energy to Theodus in exchange for hers.

The Soul Swords: Legend of BeagEdit

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